Paediatric Physiotherapy

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

We treat children from newborn babies, toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults. We carry out high quality in depth assessments. Our Paediatric Physiotherapists are highly specialist & have taken further courses specific to children to enable them to be highly skilled & experienced in the assessment & treatment of children. Children are not just small adults, treatment is focussed on helping children to achieve their optimal physical development and functional ability through age appropriate play & programmes.

How can Paediatric Physiotherapy help my child?

We can help you with the following:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Cerebral Palsy – all types
  • Syndromes
  • Neuromuscular Conditions
  • Postural and Biomechanical Problems
  • Dyspraxia Balance and Co-Ordination Difficulties
  • Gait abnormalities
  • Hypermobility
  • Rehabilitation Post fracture or post operatively including post SDR
  • All Congenital and Acquired Conditions


Costs vary depending on individual requirements so please contact us for an exact price.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Image

We use the following treatments:

  • Facilitation of normal development through handling & play
  • Bobath treatment technique / Conductive education / Motor relearning
  • Stretches & Mobilisations
  • Chest clearance techniques
  • Strength training / Targeted training
  • Physiotherapy tools exercise programmes
  • Positioning
  • Equipment recommendation & adjustment, Liaison with reps
  • Facilitation through play
  • Training of parents / carers
  • Input to schools / Advice for P.E & class programmes / Postural management files
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage & sensory techniques
  • Enabling access to sports & activities - integration
  • Posture re-education / taping / Biofeedback
  • Rehabilitation of functional activities
  • Treadmill training
  • Saeboflex / Saeboglove / Hemiglide / CIMT
  • Mechanical Horse / Gym Ball / Trampette / Stair training
  • Orthotic advice & provision
  • Gait re-education
  • And numerous other techniques

Foresthall Park, Unit 6, The Courtyard, Foresthall Road, Stansted, CM24 8TS

OPENING HOURS: 9-8pm Monday to Thursday, 9-6pm Friday, 9-4pm Saturday. By appointment only.

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